Did you know that bingo originated in Italy in the 14th century? It was known as “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” and is still played in Italy in a variety of forms. Bingo is a simple game where you can win or lose money; the majority of bingo players prefer to just play for fun and as a social past time. The original Italian version of the game traveled far and wide; eventually finding its way to carnival in Atlanta; US where it was first named ‘Beano’ not bingo! Believe it or not the name BINGO was born through a zealous player who called out ‘Bingo’ rather than ‘Beano’ and that’s how the modern game of bingo got its name.

This humble game is so popular throughout the world today with men, women and children playing both the traditional and online versions of the game regularly. The game took off rapidly as a church fund raiser and the rest as they say is history with an estimated more than 10,000 games of bingo being played each week by 1934. That’s a lot of bingo enthusiasts to say the least. Today bingo is played in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and Japan as well as variations called Lotto and Housie also being played in various other countries.

Bingo has come out of the hall

The internet has meant that bingo has come out of the hall and arrived at a pc screen that’s coming soon to a location that’s close to you. No. This isn’t an ad for a big screen movie, but you can play online bingo right in your living room, or where ever you have access to a computer for that matter. Everyone is playing online bingo.

There’s some big news for Bingo fans because the key players of the game are no longer the mature ladies that graced the bingo halls with their silver manicured hairstyles, the new bingo deities are much younger and have plenty of cash to spend.

Jump on board the BINGO van!

The new breed of bingo players have taken the game to brand new heights as everyone’s decided to jump on the BINGO van. The younger generation has discovered what our grand-parents always knew; that bingo is a really fun game, and it is something to do when you just want to chill out or relax. Everyday more people are logging in to play a game of online bingo or two, or three or…You see, after a hard day at work it’s the hippest, newest and coolest way to try to find something to do with friends. Bingo is the latest chillout zone for teenagers, young executives, mums, dads and grandparents as well as lots of other people that are checking out the glitzy graphics and glockenspiel kaleidoscopes of online bingo.

So what do the hapless nineteen-year-old stuck in the suburbs, the harrowed mum with triplets playing at her feet and the nervous school librarian have in common? The answer is bingo. It’s relaxing; it’s relatively inexpensive and best of all a lot of fun. So now whenever you and your friends are looking for something to do, try a game of online or traditional bingo.